We dream it, develop it, bring it to life.

Meloditech Ltd. is a fullstack software development company, where we are passionate about innovating artificial intelligence and designing unique software solutions. Not only do we dream up the technologies of the future, but we also bring our own ideas to life with two of our own innovative startup software.

About us

About our company

MelodiTech is a full-service software and artificial intelligence development company that has been developing products for many years.

The carefully designed working methods and expertise of our young team result in products that perform excellently and meet all customer needs, with the main goal of 100% customer satisfaction.

Personalised solutions

Every business is unique - that's why we offer customisable services to fully meet all our customers' needs, creating value for them.

Extensive service portfolio

AI applications, custom software, mobile apps - our range of services ensures that we provide the best solutions for every customer, positioning MelodiTech as a long-term business partner.

Why choose us

A combination of innovative solutions and personalized services

We believe that we can help businesses achieve their goals with today's state-of-the-art technologies. Our expert team, armed with the latest industry trends and technologies, is committed to being a long-term partner to our clients, contributing to their business success.

Satisfied customer

Years of experience

Discover innovative solutions from NEWS4YOU and INGAISTAT

News4You is revolutionising your information flow with a personalised newsfeed, while Ingaistat helps with predictive analytics in real estate market decision-making. Download our brochures to gain insights into these innovative startups and learn how they can change your business or personal world.


Artificial intelligence


News consumption


Real estate market

What we do

Learn about our services and competences. If you have any questions, please contact us using the contact tab.

Greenfield software development

Following a needs assessment, we develop a jointly designed software product that is tailored to the client's needs with maximum efficiency.

Mobile and tablet app

In 100%, we create modern apps with unique and modern solutions, tailored to the customer in terms of both functionality and design.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

We create decision support, data analysis and forecasting software that is automated using special algorithms and machine learning.


Our consultants get to know and collect data on the operational activities of the client's department and make recommendations based on these.

Developing new features

We will assess your customer's existing software inventory and existing needs, and design and develop new functionality.

WordPress websites

Development of customized WordPress based static websites, webshops. We also create custom and easy to use websites and webshops.

Warehouse management system

Warehouses with the functionality needed for basic warehouse operations, a clean, modern WMS. Cloud-based, mobile-app-enabled, integrable warehouse management system.

Server service

When you have your website done with us, our server service is FREE for the first year! Our server is located in BIX, which is the country's hub for internet access. Security is provided by the Cloud Linux operating system (C panel access).

Vue 3

Artificial intelligence

Bring the unique power of artificial intelligence to your business

At MelodiTech, we can help you understand how to introduce AI into your everyday life and expand the boundaries of your business with unique AI solutions, increasing efficiency and market competitiveness.

Custom solutions: We encourage fully customised AI development for our customers, ensuring that it fits perfectly with their established business processes.

Business advantage: Our customised artificial intelligence solutions help you maximise the benefits of technology to increase cost efficiency and optimise business processes.

Expert trust Meloditech

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